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Newborn Adventures in the NT

So. Isla's grandparents had booked tickets to fly into Darwin one week after she was due to be born and Isla, being a bit of a pre-natal comedian, decided to have some fun and cling onto that womb for as long as she damn well could. This meant that after Isla was born and mum had recovered enough to be freed from floor 6 of Darwin Hospital we had very little time to show Grandma and Grandad around the sights of the NT. We want her to get into animals, so why not take her to meet some?

The first stop for many tourists in the NT is the spectacular jumping crocodile cruise, a pretty cool jaunt up and down the Adelaide River feeding the energetic crocodiles as well as the whistling kites and other birds of prey that follow the boat. Despite this being a massively crocodile infested waterway, the tour is well run and you feel very safe that the guides know what they are doing. Crocs... check!

The next stop was to the excellent Territory Wildlife Park where we knew Isla could get up close with a few wallabies. There's heaps there for us oldies to see too, not least the ace bird show that I cannot get enough of! There's a bus/train thingy circulating the park for when it's too hot to walk around the middle of the day, or when you've squeezed a baby out of your body just a week before, and a nocturnal house and aquarium that are nice and cool. Wallabies... check!

It turns out you can pretty much do what you want with a new born baby because they don't care, as long as they've a parent to cling to and a nipple to suck on they're pretty easy to please. You just need to be comfortable you're making a sensible choice for you and your baby, there's so much advice on what to do, where to go, what to avoid in those first few weeks but we felt ok heading out and introducing Isla to our world as early as possible.

As new parents you pack everything they might need into a nappy bag and then strap it onto a pram (tank) that has all the shade, shelter and anything else baby might need built in. The difficulty is remembering all the water, sunscreen, food and accessories for your adults! Check out a few vids from those early days below.

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