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Review of Single Upright Buggy by Target

I had been looking online for pram rentals in Bali and finding that it was too expensive, especially by when we factored in the delivery/pick up at our Ubud hotel. But walking around Target looking for god knows what I stumbled upon these little bargains, a $25 buggy. What the hell - we bought one without worrying that it might soon end up in a hotel trash can.

Having taken the buggy home I unfolded it and folded it back up a few times, very easy and quick to pop up and down and not much that could go wrong really. It is pretty clear that this is a basic design, but I have no problem with that - in fact I quite like it. I took it for a spin around the garden, the small wheels didn't enjoy the grass too much but they managed, they went fine on the footpaths and roads. Off to Bali we go.

The buggy survived its first test with flying colours, it survived the Jetstar luggage hold against all the odds. After every single piece of luggage had been claimed and set off to a hotel, the buggy arrived! Over the next five days the buggy endured a pretty tough road test.

The notoriously dodgy Balinese footpaths were not much hassle and the buggy was light weight enough for me to carry it, plus baby, up and down stairs as well as over the worst surfaces. It's small size meant that even getting around the Ubud markets, and through the numerous restaurants and shops was pretty easy going. Isla was really happy in it, she could take in all the sights and there was plenty of room for her to take a few small soft toys along for the ride. When Isla wanted to be carried - like through the monkey forrest, where we wanted her strapped to one of us for defence, The buggy folded down and was easily carried along with us.

I'm a pretty tall guy and didn't find the buggy too small to push around for hours on end, which surprised me. My wife, a heap shorter, also found the handle position comfy and easy to push.

The only area the buggy needed a bit of help was with getting Isla out of the sun, the built in shade is small and sits directly over the baby's head. This was a small issue to remedy - one of Laura's baby carriers draped over the built in shade provided plenty of cover to keep every bit of Isla sunburn free.

Since returning to Darwin the buggy has had a lot of use. It's small enough to be permanently in the boot of the car for whenever it is needed and has been used around the shopping mall, in the city as well as out bush, camping when the bigger, more off-road suitable pram wouldn't fit in. It's going strong and has earned a recommendation here!

Buy this buggy if:

- You want a light weight, inexpensive travel buggy.

- You want an alternative to your bulky, heavier pram.

- You want a cheap buggy to keep at grandma's for when she's babysitting.

Just remember to "mod" it with a bit of extra shade!

Check them out online here: Single Upright Basic Buggy by Target. There's a few funky designs - we went for the pink, love hearts. Theres a really cool comic book design too.

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