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Travelling whilst pregnant | Outback Style!

It got to the final weeks of Laura's pregnancy and everything we'd seen in the Mum blogs were coming true; sleep was impossible, every muscle ached and she felt like she'd aged 100 years in 8 months. So when we found out our friend James was coming to the Territory we had no idea how the travel was going to go, or even if it would be possible! But somehow, all of the stars aligned and at 34 weeks pregnant she managed to not only come along, she even managed to enjoy herself!!

Here's a few tips for travelling pregnant from the Mum-venturer:

Take the wheel

If you're pregnant and you know you're going to be going down some bumpy roads, it really does feel more comfortable if you can do the driving yourself. Even when you can see twists and turns coming, if you're a passenger it's so much harder to prepare for them, however if you're in charge of the car you can anticipate when to relax and when to tense instinctively and it was so much more comfortable. (Some people don't believe it's safe to drive whilst pregnant so do some research first and make up your own mind!)

Take everything, including the kitchen sink

Usually we try to camp and travel and simple as possible with as few things as possible. But when 34 weeks pregnant just take everything! You never know which chair you'll sit more comfortably on, or which bed will be comfortable, so just take everything that you can fit. It makes you feel so much more relaxed knowing that you have more options!

Take heaps to drink

You can't get enough fluid, but you can have too much water. When it's hot and sweaty you end up overloading on water and your body really craves sugar and salt. I know that's bad to say but you just need something extra as a pick me up. I'd take some different fruit juices, loads of water and maybe even some milkshakes so that you can satisfy all of the different types of thirsty that you'll be.

Take heaps to eat

This isn't because you'll eat more, it's just so that you have more choice. I nearly had a melt down because I could smell the guys next to us cooking pancakes and I suddenly really wanted.. NEEDED pancakes. So take everything that you can possibly imagine you might want - and try cover all bases - something sweet, savoury, cold, warm, healthy, junk, fruit, salad, stodgy etc. That way no matter what you need, you'll have something close to it.

Accept that you might have to wee in a bush

With a baby bouncing on your bladder, 4wd dirt tracks jumping you up and down and water bobbing you up and down on the boat you're going to need to wee even more than you're already needing to (I know, it sounds impossible right?!). So as a nervous wee-er.. this was hard to do but you just have to get into those bushes, and hope that your knees don't give out - so take loo roll!

Relax and take advantage of people

Don't set up the tent, don't lift the anchor up on the boat, don't carry any bags.. don't do anything that you don't absolutely necessarily have to. People LOVE pregnant ladies, and they love helping us out, so don't waste this opportunity to get people to do all the hard stuff whilst you busily grow a person and love your life.

Sunscreen up!

Did you know that pregnant ladies burn easier than non-pregnant ladies? Boost up those sunscreen factors to avoid the burn!

Consider your camping chair

We have some amazing camping chairs (those big moon style ones), however these really folded me up and so they squashed my stomach. I would recommend getting the chairs that recline slightly so that you're not cramped up.

Swag it up!

This one still doesn't make any logical sense to me. I had the best night's sleep of my entire pregnancy whilst sleeping in a swag with a tiny mattress, compared to my amazing, squishy, deluxe mattress at home. We have those thin but firm foam swag mattress and it must have been how firm it was but honestly - best night's sleep. I woke up with less aches and pains than I'd had for the last 3 months.

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