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Nappy Review - thankyou.

Thankyou Disposable Nappy Review showing baby sat on Thankyou Nappy box

Don't worry, this is a review of a new up-and-coming nappy brand, not a run down of one of Isla's best works... I have not reached that level of parental pride just yet! We've found a shit hot new brand who just brought out their first range of socially conscious, environmentally friendly, wallet loving, trendy looking nappies. The brand is thankyou, who advertise that they give 100% of profits to maternal and infant health charities in developing countries. So we couldn't help but pick up a box of disposable nappies to try out around Darwin and the top end.

We usually use reusable nappies (too many "uses" in one sentence?!) but living in the tropics can make this difficult. You learn quickly that carrying around a bag of baby poo in the 30° heat does not help you make friends, so we mix in a few disposables anytime we're away from home. Laura, my wife, found the "thankyou"s and thought we should try them to ease our environmental and social conscience without breaking the bank. I agreed, because she's usually right.

Looking at thankyou's website gives you a good insight into what they are up to. They have previously had success for their charitable foundations by selling bottled water and body lotions, the baby products are a new thing. By typing in a product ID from the nappy box I learned that we are contributing towards a Child and Mental Health Program in Khotang, Nepal which should be completed in June next year. This is pretty cool, there's heaps more information on the specific program on their website, makes for pretty interesting reading.

I'm satisfied to be sending my money in this direction rather than the usual route through Huggies to their billion dollar company owners. But are the nappies any good?! The simple answer is yes. If you are satisfied with that simple answer then you can stop reading, and well done for getting this far!

The nappies retail at a similar price to Huggies (although an introductory offer at Coles made them $10 cheaper for 90ish nappies). The packaging is ace, really well done. I like that Isla is described as a "go getter" rather than a "crawler" and I like the encouragement and humour provided by the instructions, which I probably would have skipped if I was not writing this for you to read (so, thanks!). We also got a free little inspirational poster in the pack (we're easily bought by freebies). The nappies are equally cool, they've gone for minimal and trendy rather than colourful cartoon nonsense (same nappies for boys or girls). They look a little wider than the equivalent sized Huggies and feel maybe a tiny bit thinner. The extra width makes it feel like you don't have to stretch as much to get it round Isla's waist which (probably only in my head) makes it seem comfier. The branding is discrete on the waist strap and mostly covered when fastened, depending on how chubby your baby is! They fit well, they look good, Isla has not complained about the change of brand.

We've had chance to test them over a few days and, more tellingly, nights at home and they've done very well. No leaks, no rashes and no worries. They seem to have done at lease as good a job as our usual brand. They have endured a couple of 13 hour nights on Isla with no problems, and Isla can wee - she really gave them a work out! Over a long weekend camping in Kakadu, we used them exclusively and Isla was in and out of swimming holes, rolling round in the dirt and just loving being a little bush monster. The nappies endured all her moving, crawling, walking (3 steps is her record, but it still counts!) and climbing without an issue. Our twice-a-week child carer (somewhat of a nappy expert, I guess) was happy with them too which is probably a better endorsement than mine - she's bound to be more of an authority on the subject, it's a shame she doesn't have a blog!

I am very happy to switch to the thankyou disposable nappies for Isla and equally happy to recommend that you try them out for your lovely baby. They work at least as well as the competition and seem to fit very nicely around Isla's bum cheeks. The charitable foundation interaction through their site makes you feel like you really are a part of it all, and the guys at thankyou really seem to be trying to do some good around the world. Well done and Thankyou!

Check out thankyou's website here for more info:

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