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My Week as a Full Time Mum!

For the past week I have taken time off work to care for my wife and daughter while my wife is suffering from some fairly intense morning sickness and the doctor has ordered some proper rest, which Laura is not very good at! It is safe to say I have a new found respect for her role as a full time parent. Disclaimer: I already had a great respect for her role before anyone gets too excited about that comment but I perhaps didn't appreciate just how full-time, full-time parenting would be!

Laura is an amazing mum and before the horrendous morning sickness kicked in I would return from work to find that she'd taught Isla a few new tricks, made an amazing dinner, tidied the house, re-landscaped the garden, written a few haikus... Maybe I'm getting carried away but it would sometimes seem like that's what she was accomplishing. This was gonna be a breeze!

As I left work last Friday I thought (and even said to a few people!) that I'll be available to do some work and keep on top of my reports and email inbox etc while I'm home and I genuinely believed that Isla's couple of hours of naps throughout the day would be plenty of opportunity to keep on top of my life. No, it was not.

She's everywhere... EVERYWHERE! Just need a couple of minutes to cook a lunch? She'll help, and by help I mean empty the kitchen cupboard onto the floor and accidentally pour a full box of cereal on the dog. Quick sit down on the toilet? Sure, Isla will come along and run off with the complete roll of toilet paper which she's somehow managed to do without you noticing. Quick trip round to the local shop? Isla will need to get dressed, banana wiped off her face, strapped in to the carseat, sung to en route, Crap! she's fallen asleep, unstrapped without being woken up? - NO - woken up, unstrapped, walked around the shop, placated while I chat to the shop keeper, strapped back in, sung to... etc. There's a shocking amount of steps involved. Need to quickly vacuum the lounge floor? Cool, Isla will find and eat the sultanas and friends that have been down the side of the sofa for what appears to have been around 6 months. Bit of washing to put in the machine? Excellent - Isla's favourite. She will, quite efficiently, empty the washing machine that you are trying to fill with clothes.... I think you get the message, Isla's efforts to help have rarely proved to be all that productive this week. I do still appreciate the effort though, Isla.

It turns out that the couple of hours of nap time - my productive haven in the middle of the day was about 10 minute less than what was needed to undo Isla's effect on the morning. So the emails, the work, the productivity, would have to wait. We just about managed to care for mum and provide her with some light lunches, cuppas and meds inbetween. Well - I did, Isla was in charge of food stealing and antagonising! Hopefully we've managed to give her the rest she deserves for doing such a sterling job.

I have ended the week absolutely knackered and I'm looking forward to returning to work on Monday for a rest. It has been an amazing week and I've enjoyed every minute of it, I feel like I know Isla better and we've developed an even stronger bond

I'm as jealous as I am impressed with Laura's lifestyle and the job she manages to do week in week out. I just wish Laura was well enough to have enjoyed it with us!

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