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How to Cope with your Pregnant Wife...

Ok, lets deal with that post title right now. This post should have been called "How to Effectively and Lovingly Support your Pregnant Partner" but that seemed slightly mundane. Besides, this slightly more controversial one might snag me an extra reader or two! Follow these three simple tips to get the most out of your pregnancy for both (all three?) of you.

1. Have a Little Extra Patience in Reserve.

Lets face it, you're terrified. "Have I got enough money for this? Where is the cot going to go? How the hell do you change a nappy? Will I get to sleep in ever again?" The chances are that the mum-to-be is asking herself all the same questions but with one screaming a little louder than all the others "Is it actually possible to push a baby out of my body?!?!" Now, I don't know about you guys but that would definitely be my primary concern on the run up to the birth. Perhaps it's worth reflecting that this can be a scary time for all involved and we can all be a bit short and snappy in times like these but this is where the dadventure starts and we need to man up. Keeping mum calm and happy can really facilitate a pleasant birth - just imagine how much harder it is to deliver a baby while tense and stressed. Let a few extra things slide, don't bite when you normally might and let her make demands when she needs to.

2. Be Proactive

We can smash a few of our own fears and questions by being proactive and bending the world our way a little bit. This is a great time to finally go for that promotion and alleviate the cash worries a little bit, the better rate through your paternity leave will really feel good, trust me! Initiate a massage or run a bath without her asking and keep her favourite foods/drinks/remedies in the cupboard ALWAYS! Start stocking up on essentials as well as fun stuff to make the baby's room look cool, teddies and toys cost very little one at a time but a heap if you need to go out and buy everything at once. Keep on top of the usual house stuff while mum gets some extra rest so you can both enjoy the pregnancy together. And READ. There are some decent dad-to-be books around (as well as some incredibly patronising ones!) but I enjoyed reading some of Laura's natural birthing books too. You'll definitely find your combined moods a lot sunnier by going into this prepared together.

3. Do Stuff Together

Keep doing what you do as a couple. Dog walks, camping, dinner dates, weekenders, day trips - the pregnancy will bring you closer together so enjoy it. Make the most of your time and be together and do what is right for you, this pregnancy is a great excuse to skip some of your social "duties" and just be together and enjoy each other. Your wife will benefit from being active and feeling mobile rather than being stuck on the couch and you'll have a few extra stories to tell the baby. And remember, the baby can hear, feel and experience what you can (sort of, I guess the sounds are pretty muffled in there!). It can be scary to do too much and go too far but measure what is right for you both and do it.

Enjoy your time together, your last days as a couple without distraction because pretty soon you'll be pre-occupied by the wonderful hurricane that has enhanced every part of your life and changed the focus for both of you. Check out our video of what we did through the pregnancy for some ideas!

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