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Jetkids Bedbox Review

So, I'd seen these things pop up on Facebook a few times and ignored them (perhaps I need to take my dad-travel-blog a bit more seriously cos they just scream Dadventurer, hey?!) I just thought they'd be crap. They look like they would be crap - don't they? A friend lent us one for a long haul nightmare, i mean flight, from Darwin to Singapore, then on to Manchester, 5.5 hours followed by 15. With a toddler and a self-weaning 7 month old I was willing to try anything. (actually, that's bullshit - my ever-sensible wife had to convince me to try it - as I mentioned - I was not convinced!)

I hope the manufacturer and any potential buyers are still reading, this is the part where I stop saying "they look crap" and give you some useful info. They don't hold much, the case contains its own mattress and does have limited room for a few bits but there's little point storing anything you need in a case that you intend a kid to sleep soundly on for 15 hours. So you'll need a little extra carry on but decent airlines don't seem to care how much carry on you have - especially with a couple of kids in tow.

It's a ride-able case, with wheels and a very basic "saddle". I assume some kids give a shit about that but Isla really does not - she wants to fit in and carry/drag her luggage like everybody else. Sure it works a lot better than it did in Singapore Airport for us - where Isla refused to ride it to the point of crossing arms and shouting "no daddy"... actually more like "NO, DADDY" with real venom. When I explained it would be really helpful to my blog post she really did not seem to care... selfish!

Once on the plane, you take the lid off, flip it around, adjust it so it's the same height as the seat, take the mattress out and flatten it on top of the seat and case to produce your kid's bed. It's quick and easy, not as fiddly as it first looks and takes minutes. It adds an extra half again to the seat area and near enough fills the gap between standard seats. NOTE: We had the extra leg room seats with bassinet for Finley which meant there was a lot of room for the case to slide around and all that, but a dad's foot shaped wedge held it in place without much fuss. I reckon it'd work a lot easier in the standard seats where it's designed to just fit.

Isla slept really well... she could curl up and stick her legs out without having to sprawl all over us. I was really surprised that the little extra space made such a difference to Isla's sleep, but it really did and in turn it made a hell of a difference to my sleep. Isla got about 8 solid hours on the big flight which was incredible really. She then stretched out and watched Moana a couple of times in comfort, played with her travel pack (watch this space - probable next blog post!) and chilled in relative long haul comfort.

No one on the airline questioned it or seemed to care that it was there. The manufacturers warn that its use may be prevented in instances of turbulence but we had a million of those and it stayed put. I've got to say, if we did have to remove it every time the plane started its little dance it would have become a pain in the ass pretty quickly.

Look, we had a great experience with it, I'm more than happy to recommend it based on that one big flight but i'm definitely interested to see what happens with more flights under its belt. Give it a go, hope it does as well for your little adventurers!

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