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The 100 Day Holiday

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

So COVID, right? What a prick that was. Pain in the neck for someone who calls himself, among other things, "The Travel Dad" - pfffft... more like "The Messing Around in the Garden Dad". Well, they're selling plane tickets again, we've had a stack of jabs and we're ready for an overseas adventure. Between the blog, Youtube and the socials we'll document it all for you fellow dadventurers (and mumventurers!) to follow along with and share the tips, fails and highlights as we go. We'd obviously love to hear your tips and tricks for where we're heading too - so get in touch!

The Idea

Now we're allowed to travel again we really want to head back to the UK so the kids can reconnect with the family & friends they’ve only recently seen in 2D - on the screen of Mum or Dad's phone! And as exciting as that family time is, well... we've been to that location before. Luckily, our family live within range of a stack of stuff that is a world away from what we've got in Darwin!

So we booked leave, 100 days to be exact, and fluked some cheap Singapore Airlines flights back to the UK (must've just hit the sweet spot between airlines resuming service and customers realising and starting to buy tickets!) Using our old home town as a base. We'll see some of the UK, we'll do a few trips to Europe and we'll naturally build the kids' relationship with their family - seeing them a heap of times over a few months rather than the usual quickfire, high pressure couple of weeks re-introducing and expecting it to feel normal. So it was time to book the trips within the trip... where to?

We asked them... they said "Grandma's house", idiots... so we made our own list. Somewhere Christmassy (because, you know - we'll be away for Christmas), some epic attractions, and a range of old stuff like cool castles and landmarks and events like nothing that exists back home in the outback.

The Drama

Uh oh... The passports haven't been opened for 3 years!!! Check the passports - how are we looking? Oh god, both their British passports are dead... and Finley's Australian one too... this sounds expensive, cancel the flights! But once we had a cup of tea and calmed down a little bit we agreed to renew the passports and still go on the holiday! 2 brand new British passports arrived in the post pretty soon after Her Majesty's Passport Office had spent 3 hours messing me around on the phone (Incidentally, the best advice I got on this call was "It'll probably be alright, they're just shit at answering emails here"). Then, a frankly ludicrous fee got me a new Australian passport for Fin printed in 3 days, 4 weeks out from our flight... phew!

The Itinerary

Something christmassy. Laura found flights to Rovaniemi down to a sensible price... "Shall I book it?"

"Hell yeah," I said... "where is it?". Well, it turns out, Rovaniemi is the city where the Santa Claus Village we've dreamed about taking the kids before but been put off by the intimidating cost. We think we've found a way to do it well on a sensible budget so check the upcoming posts for the details!

Disney Land? How much to fly to Paris? How much to stay at the park? How much to get the train from the city? How much is it to stay near the park and get a couple of day passes? Check out the Disneyland posts in November to see how that process went. The biggest drama might be juggling one kid who wants to hug every disney character and one who wants them to stay the hell away from her!

The kids (and their parents... well mostly their parents!) love a bit of mythology, and we like to get involved in the local folk stories and legends when we travel. Where better to look for a bit of a local legend than Loch Ness, you know, where the Loch Ness Monster lives. So I forced Isla and Fin to watch the "classic" 1996 movie Loch Ness, starring none other than Sam Malone (yeah, I know) and they agreed that finding the Loch Ness monster would be pretty cool. We've never actually been to Scotland - how embarrassing, so we thought we'd add a road trip round the North Coast 500 over a couple of weeks which looks bloody epic. You can follow that trip from Mid October on here and Youtube.

We're then lucky enough to have some high value friends and family spread out around the UK, which plans a few trips for us. We'll be catching up with family and friends in London, Portsmouth and Cornwall - destination of many a family trip for me growing up as well as Blackpool - destination of many a family trip for Laura growing up. We'll also visit some quaint British seaside towns like Whitby - which has a very special place in my heart as we met our family there the day after our wedding 9 years ago.

Along the way, there's a few experiences that we know the kids will love but we don't need to, or can't, book right now - like a musical, a big concert and a big sporting event - all of which aren't available back in the NT so we'll put those plans in concrete at some point - any recommendations?! There's also the small matter of some special UK dates - Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas - to work around and build up to... Aside from the fact it'll likely be cold and drizzly for most of the trip – it will be a great time of year to be back in the UK.

We would definitely welcome any suggestions or recommendations for additional trips, experiences and attractions you can give and we look forward to meeting up with some of you along the way.


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